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We hope to welcome you to a magical day with us here in Iceland, either in the snow or on the trails!

We will take care of everything, from picking you up from your location, providing you with protective and warm clothing , feeding you and giving you the best possible day to remember here in Iceland.

Useful information about our trips

  • How much does a day with you cost?
    A full Snowbike day costs $1.600/€1.450 per person. A full Enduro day costs $1.300/€1.200 per person. We need a minimum of 2 riders for each day trip. But, as we operate private tours only we are able to take a occasional solo customer for a additional fee. We operate from Flúðir but we can arrange a pick up/drop off to most locations for an added fee.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    You will need to bring a warm inner layer and warm socks. Everything else we will provide. Included is protective and safety gear, boots, monosuit/enduro suit, helmet, goggles, balaclava and gloves. For winter season avalanche airbag and beacon, probe & shovel is always provided. It is required to wear protective gear.
  • Can we always ride?
    Snowbiking is very weather dependent so unfortunately no. We can only go when the weather allows. Enduro biking can be done in most weather during the summer season. In the Event of bad weather and not being able to ride at all, we will try to reschedule your ride day. If this is not possible, you will have booking credit in the form of a Gift Voucher. See our terms and conditions for cancelling of trips.
  • Do you provide accommodation?
    Unfortunately no. Currently we only offer day trips. We will pick you up from your location and bring you back home after the day. If you would like to do more than just one day with us, please let us know and we can advise you on where it is best to stay for multiple day rides. Especially if you'd like to try both snowbiking and enduro biking, location is key.
  • Do you provide food and beverages?
    Yes, during your time with us we will provide all the food, beverages and snacks you need. Note that breakfast and dinner is not provided. However, we'll make sure to be fully stocked so you'll never be hungry.
  • What can I expect my day to look like?
    We will pick you up from your accommodation as early as needed and head to the selected trails or snow of the day. We aim to be set up and ready to ride once we have good enough daylight. We'll bring all the snacks and food on the ride with us so you'll never feel dehydrated or lacking energy. We'll assess your riding skills and accommodate the selected trails to your level of riding. A typical day of riding is about 5-6 hours on the bike. If you feel up to it, we'll ride all day and until you say you've had enough or it's getting dark.
  • How old do I need to be to ride?
    You need to be at least 16yrs of age for snowbiking. For enduro biking you must have a valid heavy motorcycle licence.
  • How large are the groups?
    We only offer private day tours so you and your group are the only customers of the day. We can take 2-4 customers each time. If your group consists of more people, please get in contact and we'll see what can be done to assist.
  • Is insurance available for the bikes and gear?
    No. Upon arrival the renter will sign a disclaimer allowing us to charge up to $2.000 on his card in case there is any damage to bike or gear incurred by the renter. The renter is given time prior to his ride to inspect the bike and gear to note any prior issues/damage. The renter is responsible for the safety of himself, others around him, other people’s equipment, and our equipment. There is no guarantee of safety for the day, please ride responsibly.
  • What is the weather like?
    The weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable. We will always plan the days ride with the weather in mind and do our very best to make your day as enjoyable as possible regardless of the weather. Note however, that snowbiking is very weather dependent and we'll never risk going ahead with a trip if the weather or snow conditions are unsafe. Please read our Terms& Conditions in regards to cancellation due to weather.
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